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Insolvency & Restructuring

* Quality legal advice

* Responsive time frames

* Practical solutions for your business


Know your options


If you or your company are in financial difficulty, we understand that it can feel overwhelming, here we aim to take the stress out of the situation. We aim to help you resolve the issues as quickly as possible.



Insolvency Practitioners


Legal Enablers has expertise in acting in contentious insolvency litigation. We provide a full service of recovery and advisory services for debt and asset recovery.



Debt Recovery


Our debt recovery team are tenacious.


What it involves: We issue a Letter of Demand on your behalf. If not paid, then Court proceedings are issued. If the other side does not issue a Defence, then you proceed to judgement against them.


If the court makes an order and if they don't pay: We can help you apply for a writ siezure of their goods so they can be sold and converted to cash, a Summons to the Debtor to come to Court and provide evidence of how they will pay the debt or a Garnishee order, which is a Court order that a third party pay you instead of the person or business who owes you money.





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