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Breaking: New restrictions for Victoria as cases rise

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews announced today new restrictions and a hardship payment as a result of a spike in COVID- 19 cases.

What are the new Victorian restrictions?

- Maximum 5 guests in your home.

- Outdoor gatherings limited to 10 people

- Restaurants, clubs and pubs can have max 20 people.

- Gyms, theatres, libraries, places of worship, community halls and TABs can open but are limited to 20 people per venue.

- People must continue to work from home who have been already.

Are schools still open?

Yes, Victorian primary and high schools are open and doing face to face learning.

If a student tests positive, then this is managed by the school and Department.

Childcare and kindergartens are open too.

When do the new Victorian restrictions start?

Sunday at midnight.

How many people have tested positive in Victoria?

At the time of writing this article, 1817 have tested positive in Victoria including Essendon player, Conor McKenna. There was an overnight increase of 25 people.

How much is the hardship payment?

$1,500 as a one off payment.

Who is eligible for the hardship payment?

People who are confirmed to have tested positive with COVID who don't have sick leave and need to stay away from work. The Premier has flagged the possibility of locking down entire suburbs if a serious outbreak occurs.

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